Step One: Sell the Businesses…

by Irene Jaan on May 17, 2010

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This is a pivotal time for The Travel Creatives project.  The Hawaii experience was a sort of test run.  Now we are back in Texas evaluating our former travels and current life.  This is what I’ve come up with so far…

Hawaii was part magical and rejuvenating and part hectic and overwhelming.  I desperately tried to balance inner peace with a whirlwind of meetings and interviews with fascinating creatives.  On the family front, one major conflict was between the desire to “work” and the need to parent.  Oftentimes, when filming and meeting people, John ended up having to excuse himself with a fussy baby, Little Sky.  Although John is an outstanding parent, he wasn’t always to keen to being left out as the babysitter.  I wasn’t too keen on him not being able to fully participate and enjoy the fullness of the connections we made with other people.  This was a constant source of problem solving and discussion.  On the other hand, my goal was to acquire a lot of content in a short amount of time.  That goal was certainly accomplished.  Sometimes we had up to 4 or 5 interviews in one week!  This made his constant babysitting duty somewhat of a drag for him and a source of guilt for me.  When we embark on our year long journey, I intend on spacing the interviews out to a more reasonable level–say one per week.  Then I will be able to focus on the editing one at a time.  What I ended up doing is coming home with 15+ videos to edit (most of them lay still untouched)!  This is not what I envisioned!  Some tweaking of my approach to this project is in order.

When we came home to Texas we returned back to our very busy businesses–a retail shop, my massage therapy business, our bustling restaurant, my 11 year old daughter, her schooling, and after-school activities.  This is in addition to an infant and my quest to fully launch The Travel Creatives website.  Yikes!  And I confess that I require lots of lazy time to nurture my own peace of mind.  Maybe this is an excuse, but it seems like a nature-based lifestyle might help me keep all this in balance.  Our Corpus Christi, Texas lifestyle does not operate in a nature-based manner.  Yes, we’re on the coast, and I do love that part, but this is a town where most everyone drives and tall trees and nature trails are non-existent.  In that regard I so miss the Big Island of Hawaii.  The nature there was capable of instantly recharging me.  Instead, after an unusually crazy busy week without a thought of trees and sky, I ended up with the flu.  I’m feeling better and ready to get back to work.

In addition to editing all the fabulous interviews, our main task now is to sell the businesses.  This is the pivotal aspect of NOW.  I had a scheme brewing to launch the official campaign of selling the businesses this very week.  I had strategically planned it on Thursday May 13th–to coincide with my superstitions of the new moon.  The new moon is an auspicious time to start new projects.  But something very curious has happened…

Rewind. John had a reading with Sapphire Moon, the “telepathic shamaness” I had the great pleasure of interviewing in Hawaii.  (Video still in the works)  Without knowing him or our situation, she told him our business would be completely sold by August.  Wow!  That’s great!  But how?  We have been passively trying to sell the businesses for almost 4 years.  It seemed pretty spectacular that it would suddenly sell.  The big difference now, though, is that this Travel Creatives project has transpired and suddenly given us a “post-business” purpose.  Surely that great intention might be rewarded by fulfilling our greatest goal–to sell the business so we can travel the world as a family for at least a year.

Back to Present. The businesses have not sold yet, however, I am not launching the big “sell the business” campaign because we have a wonderful, positive “bite” right now.  Oooh, please cross your fingers for us!  The potential buyers are ideal.  All I ever wanted was to pass it on to good people who were capable of taking Yin Yang Fandango & The Tango Tea Room to the next level.  I want to return to Corpus Christi one day and see it prospering and know that I had a little something to do with it.  The current potential buyers seem exactly like what I prayed for.  When we officially pass this lovely business onto the next caretakers we are FREE and FULLY FUNDED to embark on our round the world journey.  The whole family will embark on this odyssey of slow, mindful, creative travel involving living in different countries for 1-3 months at a time as we span the globe.  The other part to take note of is that Sapphire pegged it!

Now I am reeling with possibilities!  The skeleton of a plan is to first go to Ecuador to explore the village of Vilcabamba.  We only recently heard of this town nestled in the “Valley of Longevity” in southern Ecuador.  It boasts clean air, clean water, mega fertile land, perfect weather, and breath-taking beauty.  The most curious part is that it is inundated with many visionary Westerners.  Some complain of the barrage of gringos, but it is what it is.  And I must confess that I am drawn to it too.  John and I were instantly captivated with this place and have been researching it like mad.  We are interested in possibly buying a little plot of land, too.  We’ll start a commune and invite all our awesome friends to come and live there.  simple smile Step One:  Sell the Businesses... The area is drawing a lot of sustainable living types, 2012ers, and E.T. lovers.  I can hang with that.  I read somewhere that is was 2012-safe…but don’t get me wrong…I’m just a casual observer sitting on the fence and attempting to conjure my ascension. 😉 Again.  I can say that whatever does or does not happen in 2012, there will be a huge party going on in Vilcabamba and I would really like to be there.  It appears to still be on the map. simple smile Step One:  Sell the Businesses... Once more.

We’re thinking that a month in Ecuador will be sufficient to get our feet wet and might give us some direction for the bulk of our trip.  We also plan to spend a few weeks back in Hawaii to follow up on two compelling people, Rashani and Sapphire Moon.  I did not feel complete with our interactions and would like to help them gather more footage and material for some documentaries.

The Trip?  Again, skeletal.  New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, (and hopefully Egypt and Greece).  We’d also like to visit Findhorn in Scotland and Damanhur in northern Italy.  I’ll elaborate on this later, but this is the current plan of action.  This list boasts too many places to align with the idea of “slow travel.”  (so either some get left out, we travel longer, or the slow thing gets thrown out the window).

We are traveling with an infant.  We are homeschooling a 6th grader.  I am interviewing people and filming places.  Balance, flow, and quiet inner guidance are certainly our prescription.  Phew!

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