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by Irene Jaan on November 8, 2010

VILCABAMBA, ECUADOR:  The Land of Creatives

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Traveling in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

After we returned from the Big Island of Hawaii in April 2010, I spent countless hours researching ways to improve my blog and help it grow.  My friend forwarded a video from the online Raw Food World TV Show which is filmed in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  This is the first time I had ever even heard of this Valley of Longevity.  And here I am in Vilcabamba, seven months later, spending a the last part of 2010 with my family living the LIFE!

After I discovered Vilcabamba, I was hooked!  I spent the next six months reading everything I could about this region of Ecuador.  One element that fascinated me about Vilcabamba was the fact that this place is loaded with interesting expats, many who are doing remarkable things.  For example, just off the top of my head… There are artists, musicians, philanthropists, healers, raw foodists, restauranteurs, intentional communities, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, green builders, sustainable living types, jewelers, and even an ex-NASA astronaut.  Phew!

What are they all doing?  Why have they chosen Ecuador? There appears to be a high number of visionary folk who are attracted to the area.  There are also loads of conspiracy theorists.  I find this fascinating!  Here you can have a conversation about aliens and reptilians and people nod in agreement.  This makes for interesting conversation to say the least.  Aside from the natural beauty and healthy elements this valley could offer my family, my curious side wanted to come to see what was brewing with all these people.  I want to discover firsthand what talents they are bringing to Vilcabamba.

The Travel Creatives Co-Creates a video “Seek Vilcabamba Part One” with

I met Anita Evans recently who runs the website  Originally from New Zealand, she came here with her family to have a slice of the Vilcabamba pie that lures in so many creatives.  When she handed me her “” business card, I knew exactly which website she was talking about.  I had spent so much time on her site researching the ins and outs of this charming little village.  She operates this non-profit website as a service to the community.  She lists several local businesses on her site without charging them advertising fees.

It is only natural that we start the Vilcabamba video interview series with Anita Evans to offer a brief overview of the secrets of living in Vilcabamba.  Together, we co-created a series of videos highlighting some of the local businesses and products around the town square.  It was a good time running around town following Anita with my camera.  She has a lot of knowledge about living here since she has spent the last three years of her life getting to know the place.  Unfortunately, Anita is jetting off to New Zealand this week so I wont be able to pick her brain about any more secrets of the valley.  Fortunately, the videos have been shot and are currently being edited.

In the “Seeking Vilcabamba, Part One”  video, Anita shows us one little section of the center of town (mostly in the intersection of Diego Vaca de la Vega and Sucre streets). We walk through the restaurants:  Timothy’s, Charlitos, and El Punto.  Here is a bit of what Anita talks about in the video:

  • Timothy’s–restaurant and bar.  Between 6-8pm Timothy’s has a 2 for 1 cocktail special.  Anita also likes their hamburgers, ribs, and homemade chips
  • Charlitos–popular hangout for expats, especially for drinking beer!  They have great french fries, pizza, and homemade mayonnaise.  You can also buy artisan bread, sea salt, locally made herbal products and jewelry
  • El Punto–right on the main corner of town square, this restaurant is a Vilcabamba icon.  They have poker nights on the weekend, occasional live music, and good food.  They also sell jewelry buy a Colombian artisan and locally made jams like those made from tomate de arbol (also called tangelos).
  • She also shows us the organic produce store that has a simple sign saying “Frutas y Verduras“.  Here she shows us the popular horchata tea that is like hibiscus tea.  You can also get fresh, young coconuts that they will open up for you, pop in a straw, and let you drink the water.  They also sell different seeds, grains, sea salt, coffee, garbanzo beans, rice, free range raw eggs, and honey.  They also sell raw food products made by local raw food chef experts.  This includes flax seed crackers and kale chips.  In addition to that you can get all kinds of organic produce and fresh cheeses.
  • Important point to know about Ecuadorian businesses:  Many businesses close on Mondays!  Plan accordingly…
  • A 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser is a good vehicle to have in Ecuador.  It will run you about $7,000.  4WD is a must!
  • There are many natural healers in Vilcabamba, both locals and expats.  She introduces us to Donna who is a Reiki Master

All these businesses are neighbors and in walking distance to each other.  Enjoy!

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