Journey to Vilcabamba through an Ecuadorian Coup Attempt

by Irene Jaan on September 30, 2010

Vilcabamba Ecuador 300x199 Journey to Vilcabamba through an Ecuadorian Coup Attempt

Vilcabamba Ecuador--photo by

The plan has been to sell our business and travel around the world as a family.  We planned to begin in Hawaii, then New Zealand and on around, until we stumbled upon some interesting information about Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  It was all our friend Ray’s fault.

Ray and I had a conversation about creative blog models and she forwarded to me this particular video from The Raw Food World TV Show (it was about avoiding hunchback of all things!) . The enthusiastic hosts are Matt and Angela Monarch who upload several videos a week (impressive!) on raw food, healthy lifestyles, and their lives.  When I watched this video I was absolutely stunned at the scenery in the background. Having just returned from Hawaii, I was certain these cats were filming from somewhere in the Pacific.

These folks actually live in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  They run their business and blog from Vilcabamba!  Clean water, clean air, excellent soil, and perfect weather make an ideal landscape for their business (and life) model of a healthy lifestyle.

As I madly researched the expat-infused Ecuadorian village of Vilcabamba (in which the phrases  “Valley of Longevity” and “Land of Eternal Spring” are seamlessly linked) I found, one by one, all these amazing people (mostly expats) doing very interesting and creative endeavors.  I knew that it was my calling to visit Vilcabamba and interview as many of these extraordinary people that would be willing to participate.  I am curious to know what led them to this part of the world, what they are doing there, who are they being there, and how creativity syncs in with their lives.

ecuador coup 300x198 Journey to Vilcabamba through an Ecuadorian Coup Attempt

Ecuador Coup September 30, 2010 by Associated Press

Our world tour now begins with a detour through South America.  Today, Thursday September 30, 2010, we arrived in Miami to await our flight to Ecuador tomorrow afternoon.  We arrive to learn there has been a coup and attempt on the Ecuadorian president’s life–TODAY!  What a intro to ’round the world travel!  Airports are shut down in Quito (where we fly into).  Blood has been shed.  Guns are being fired.  Looting is occurring.  The president had to be rescued…  We’re sending a lot of love to the presence of peace in Ecuador!

Our little family is just trying to make it to the Galapagos this week and to Vilcabamba next week.  Tomorrow shall be interesting.  We’ll keep you updated on our progress.  This shall be a true test of creative travel.

Check out another good article about Vilcabamba, Ecuador by International Living.

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