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John and Jaya by Brenda Miles at West Light Studio


Born Newark, Ohio 1974 ( it is a City containing Indigenous mounds)

As my family moved several times throughout my life, this could have been the foundation of my penchant for travel

Father: a Self Trained musician, and business owner, Reiki master, kinesiologist, Energetic Healer

Mother: a singer , Naturopathic Doctor, Kinesiology Teacher, Touch for Health, Herbalist, Gardner, Micro Current frequency technologies. Oh, and amazing cook!

Born to a large family of 9 , Five Sisters, One Brother

My mothers focus was always on natural and organic foods, whole foods, and foods that gave balance (having studied  Chinese medicine theory) Canning foods in the winter was always a very important task as we always had several large gardens and a lot of mouths to feed. My father’s family was part Native American.  Crops and farming were very important to them. We are actually lucky enough to have some seed stock that goes back over 200 years.  We still continue to grow and propagate those seeds to this day.


My parents, with both their influences in music, gave me an early start.  They enrolled me in dance between ages 5 and 14.

I started drumming at the age of 6  and studied with school music programs until 17.

My percussion studies have been with various learned teachers ranging from : African, Middle Eastern, Indian Tabla, Sufi, Latin

Basic piano at age 9

Guitar at age 17

Sitar, Turkish Saz, Dabbling in Middle Eastern Oud, Indian Harmonium, Caribbean Steel drums, Australian Dijeridu, Santoor/Dulcimer

I thoroughly enjoy writing original music focusing primarily on world fusion.  As I love culture, I’m fascinated with the exotic and mystical sounds these instruments help to create.


Graduated at Philo High School 1993, primary studies were Music, Writing, Spanish, and Art

I also attended Recording Workshop School of Musical/Media Engineering, Chillicothe Oh 1998 :

I have done some audio engineering work in a few recording studios, ran sound for my various projects and bands, and have been the sound guy sound for a few small clubs on occasion.

I have recorded on my own since 2001 on various software programs and different digital recording devices: Roland, Boss Logic Pro, Reason 5/Record/propellerhead 1.5.  I adapt and learn new methods very quickly.


I moved to Texas after meeting my wife Irene Carranza, and I opened my restaurant/cafe, The Tango Tea Room in 2004 in conjunction with my wife’s business, Yin Yang Fandango.  We sold the businesses in August 2010.

Both Business focused on awareness, natural products, world cultures, spirituality, natural modalities of healing, and a mostly vegetarian menu.

The businesses together hosted a multitude of events including : Drum Circles, live world music  (Greek, Jewish, Middle Eastern, East Indian, Nomadic, Irish/Gaelic, Flamenco, Caribbean, Latin, Brazilian as well as American Folk), and dance:  African Dance, East Indian Dance, Belly Dance, Fire dancing/Poi, Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Yoga, Kinesiology Workshops, Flower Essence workshops, Buddhist lectures, and meditations, Sahaj Marg Meditations

women’s empowerment workshops, Spiritual Cinema Circle, as well as some private film groups, and movie nights

Coordinating  an average of 10-12 employees, I was Head Chef/Owner, designing the menu, as well the interior of our entire space (with, of course, the help of my lovely wife). We created mosaic art through out the business.  (can be seen at  The decor had an Eastern Influence.

Since we started this restaurant on a shoestring, we were forced to be frugal. This indeed was the mother of invention as it forced us to use our imaginations, making use of recycled materials, ingenuity, and elbow grease.

It was a fun project. Now that it’s completed, we’re thankful that Spirit has revealed a really well-lit path to travel and create a global family within our own. We already have done some of that on our own, and together as a couple.


Spain, Mallorca, France, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and now on to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.


My primary goal at this stage of my life is to focus on the further development of my music. I am writing my first full-length album (now that my business is sold I have more time) and integrating music into media. My family, our health, and creating global unity throughout our adventures is important to me. Staying connected with uplifting, inspirational heart-based people and teachers is essential.

Our hope is to either own land and/or share and connect with great like-minded people in similar endeavors.

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