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Irene Carranza Jaan

Updated September 17, 2010


Born May 8, 1972 in Corpus Christi, Texas (born & raised)

Age 38

Astrology (for those that find this useful):  Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, Gemini Rising, Mercury & Venus in Gemini simple smile Irene Jaan

First Family:

Mother-grade school teacher, retired

Father-computer programer/civiilan employee at Naval Base, retired

(still happily married!  Still live in CC.  Very close family)

I’m the oldest of 3 children.

My brother is 34 and in Nuclear Medicine.  Lives in CC.

My sister is 30, newly married and about to have a baby! Lives in DC with Coast Guard hubby.


University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor’s of Arts in Zoology, Pre-Med, 1990-1994

Emergency Medical Technician, 1994

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona–1996, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master & Aromatherapist

Childhood Activities:

Classical Piano, 12 years



The Big Life Shift:

A Walk In??  1995, Living in Houston, Texas managing the Cafe at a Border’s Book Store

Great Influences in 1995 era:

Marianne Williamson, Course in Miracles, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss, Paramahansa YoganandaLandmark Forum & Advanced Course, Machalle Small Wright, Plant Spirit Medicine, Buddhism-Bodhisattva Peace Training, Shamanism (Way of the Shaman), Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, brief time with Unity Church, etc.

Travel Era:

Downsized/Simplified life and traveled/lived near Sedona, AZ and in The Florida Keys for about 2 years, studied massage, various healing modalities including Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Returned to Corpus Christi in late 1997 and helped manage a metaphysical shop, Angel Light.  Also worked as a massage therapist and read tarot cards. (no more of that card stuff for me!)

Yin Yang Fandango, Phase 1, 1998-2004

Opened up my retail shop and community center, Yin Yang Fandango, in Corpus Christi, Texas September 1998 with (then) partner Robert McCoy.

YYF specialized in global artisan handicrafts, items for sacred spaces, aromatherapy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, incense, clothing, jewelry.

YYF was also a community center and venue for artists.  Drum Circles, Workshops, Performances, World Music, Mini Festivals, etc.

YYF is a heart-centered business with a theme of peace and global unity.

During this time I took workshops with Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God) and facilitated drum circles at one of his retreats in Oregon.

During this time I studied The Way of The Shaman through Michael Harner’s organization.

Motherhood, Phase 1:

Rain Alexis McCoy was born on March 26, 1999.  Today she is 11 years old and in 6th Grade.

Rain loves to sing, play video games, write, draw, sculpt, make videos, nature and reading fantasy books.

She love Pokemon characters.  They are her guides; they communicate with her.  ???  Go figure.

Mom and Dad broke up in 2003.  frownie Irene Jaan

Yin Yang Fandango & The Tango Tea Room, 2004-2010

Met John in 2004 on!

He moved down from Ohio and opened up The Tango Tea Room attached to my shop.  He’s a great cook.  Good at Indian, Mediterranean, Moroccan food!

TTR specialized in mostly vegetarian food with a world fusion twist.  Famous for hummus, vegetarian chili, and chicken salad.  Huge selection of teas.  Espresso Bar.

“Tango Fandango” becomes an institution in Corpus Christi, Texas–a unique place for this area.  Currently at

We managed 12 employees

We successfully sold it on August 1, 2010 to some good customers.

Marriage and Children:

John and Irene got married on August 31, 2008.

Jaya Sky Jaan was born July 25, 2009.  She is currently 14 months old.

Rain likes being a big sister.  Family life is rockin’ good!

International Travel:

Italy, 1996

Bahamas, 1998

Yucatan, Mexico, 2004

Chiapas, Mexico, 2005, with journalist and author Stephanie Elizondo Griest

Guatemala, 2006, with Global Exchange studying Fair Trade Issues

Veracruz, Mexico, 2007 as ambassador through a Rotary Club program

Costa Rica, 2008, working on project for The Travel Channel (not accepted, though)

France, 2009

Big Island of Hawaii, 2010, working on The Travel Creatives project

Ecuador & Galapagos:  October-December 2010, working on The Travel Creatives project

Film and Videography

I’ve been involved in independent films both in front of the camera and behind.

I’ve been an extra in a couple of big productions like “A Mighty Heart” and “Friday Night Lights”

Travel Channel Academy /Michael Rosenblum in 2007 changed my life!

Now mostly interested in documentary work and travel docs.

I direct, shoot, edit.  Love it!  I have all the fundamental equipment except lighting.

I work on a Mac using Final Cut Pro for editing.

The Travel Creatives

My current project is a blog that follows our family traveling around the world and features mini-documentaries on the creative and inspiring people we meet along the way who are living their truth.

Motto:  Experience our Beautiful World, Live a Creative Life, Connect with Your Tribe

Around the World:  Galapagos, Ecuador (Vilcabamba), Big Island Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia (Permaculture), Bali, Turkey, Spain, Scotland (Findhorn), Denmark

Agenda:  Learning about sustainable living, visiting ecovillages and farm projects, meeting and interviewing visionaries and creative people, educating my children, getting back to nature, living my dreams.

Current Interests and Influences:

Drunvalo Melchizedek, Abraham-Hicks, 2012 Issues, Ascension and Earth Changes, Peace and Unity, Kundalini, Ho Oponopono, Machalle Small Wright’s work, Findhorn, Permaculture, Rashani

Australian Bush Flower Essences, Aromatherapy

David Wilcock, Peace Social Movements, Intentional Communities, EcoVillages,

Location Independent Living, Blogging, Filmmaking, Documentaries

Sustainable Living, Sustainable Energy, Organic Food, Natural Healing, Communing with Nature, Meditation

Music Festivals, I love Michael Franti, peace activist/musician

Entrepreneurship, Internet Business (still learning), Marketing and Branding, Design, Social Networking

Artisan Handicrafts and Fair Trade

World Music, Food, Culture

Shamanic Healing, Chi Healing, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies

Visionary People that inspire me

Great Bloggers like Chris Guillebeau and Seth Godin

World Traveling and World Travelers

Eccentric Expats

Best Skills & Attributes

Honoring my word

Best attempts at being Drama-Free simple smile Irene Jaan

Always direct and straight forward

Best attempts at being Heart-Centered

Good visionary, big picture-oriented

Able to see the divine in most people simple smile Irene Jaan

I had the best assistant in the world who taught me how to be an excellent assistant to others.

Management of people

Basic accounting and bookkeeping


Creative Business Development, brainstorming

Filming and Editing

Buying and Designing merchandise

Pricing Merchandise

Writing/Technical Writing

Customer Service A+++

Project oriented personality.

Decorating/Interior Design

14 years active Massage Therapist, strong but gentle deep tissue massage and energy work

Good Intuition

Skills I’d like to develop:

Organic Gardening

Sustainable Living Skills

Solar Power

Water Catchment

Water Purification

Food Canning


Natural Building

Web Design

Video Special Effects

Medicine Wheel

Spiritual Ceremony

Shamanic Healing

Constant Connection with the Divine

Oneness with the Universe


Please don’t judge me

I enjoy a natural cigarette in the evening (like American Spirits)

I like wine, bloody marys, Corona with lime and salt, and dark beer on occasion (not all at once)

I am a raw foodist one day and a burger eater the next (I’m working on that)

I bite my nails

I watch a lot of movies

My weakness is Mexican Coca Cola (it’s made with pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup!)

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