How to Score a Fairy Cottage in Vilcabamba

by Irene Jaan on October 17, 2010

The Quest for a Monthly Rental in Vilcabamba, Ecuador…a Challenge!

Vilcabamba House 300x225 How to Score a Fairy Cottage in Vilcabamba

Rain in Window of Vilcabamba Fairy House

You can try some online research for a monthly rental in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  I tried this method and wasn’t too successful.  I did find that The Casa Amarilla, Cabanas Rio Yambala, La Florida, El Agua de Hierro, Rumi Wilco Nature Preserve had options for monthly rentals.  Either they weren’t available for our time period, the price was too high, or I wasn’t able to contact them online easily. I felt intuitively that something would turn up if we just showed up and looked around in person.  Note that even the locals say that long term rentals here are hard to come by.

Ask and You Shall Receive…

Before our arrival to Vilcabamba, I specifically imagined what features my home would have in this enchanted valley in Ecuador.  I was wishing for an independent home that was secure, had character, was set in nature, had a nice kitchen, a stargazing “observatory” (ie. open air balcony), mostly furnished, under $500, walking distance to town, and had high speed internet.  I repeated this fantasy home description to myself often.

Vilca House Front 300x225 How to Score a Fairy Cottage in Vilcabamba

Rain, John, and Jaya in front of the Fairy Cottage in Vilcabamba

We did stay at Hosteria Izhcayluma for 3 nights at $30 per night.  I knew this rate would not work for our budget for very long, but we needed a home base to start.

Making Connections…

Day one we went to eat at the highly regarded Sambuca Cafe.  We kept passing a friendly couple sitting at a table on the patio.  We exchanged “buenas dias” and smiles periodically.  Before the end of our long lunch we struck up a conversation with them.  John then went off to take the bus into Loja to get more money out of an ATM (since the Vilcabamba ATM doesn’t really work).  I stayed back with the kiddos and continued a long, pleasant conversation with this American couple.  They were kind enough to invite us to their home and introduce me to their landlord/friend.  After a good afternoon social time the couple hired me for a film project the following morning.  I was happy to have a project and new friends on day one!

The next day I go out to film a meeting with my new friends regarding a land purchase situation.  There were some dilemmas that ensued for them, and afterwards, when they tried to pay me for my time, I felt moved to decline payment. What I did ask for was a lead on a house rental.

It turns out that my new friends were actually renting two homes on the property, and for whatever reason, were willing to let one go for our family.  When they showed me the beautiful fairy cottage that had everything I had wanted (and told me the rent was only $280) I just about cried.  I definitely threw my arms around them!  No hesitation.  ”We’ll take it!”  I’ve never lived in such a creative looking abode.  I could hardly wait.

Vilca House Front 2 300x225 How to Score a Fairy Cottage in Vilcabamba

John and Jaya in front of our Vilcabamba Fairy Cottage

Internet was ready to go in the house and even set up in every main room!  Vilcanet is the local internet provider, and Ivan Macanchi is the guy who runs it.  Their office is the internet cafe right next to Sambuca Cafe.  It costs a hefty $150 to activate it and $75 per month.  We will basically pay $150 per month for the 2 months we are here.  Add that to our $280 house rent and the total monthly rent for our high speed “interneted” home is $430.  This is exactly in my desired price range!

Tonight is the fourth night in our new little home.  We refer to it as the “fairy cottage” so no where else can you find it under that name. It is a privately owned place that will most likely never be advertised.  So I cannot really reveal this specific home if you yourself are looking for a rental in Vilcabamba.

What I offer you here is just a little advice about looking to rent a home in this magical place called Vilcabamba.

How to Score, well, Just about Anything…

  1. Set Your Intentions (be reasonable!)
  2. Show Up (physically and energetically)
  3. Live from the Heart (don’t think about it too much, especially the negatives)
  4. See the Divine in Everyone who Crosses your Path
  5. Give Selflessly of Yourself
  6. Connect with Others, and Exchange
  7. Expect Miracles
  8. Give Thanks when they Appear
  9. Move In
  10. Play House

These proven 10 steps should actually get you a house rental anywhere.  Good luck in manifesting your own fairy cottage!

Vilcabamba House1 300x225 How to Score a Fairy Cottage in Vilcabamba

Our Vilcabamba Fairy Cottage

Download a PDF or print a copy of this blog post here!

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Rachel Payne October 19, 2010 at 12:54 pm

What a wonderful story! What is even more beautiful it that you are living the story. I think that is what your 10 steps are ultimately for. A beautiful way of living!

sweetamrita November 15, 2010 at 6:06 am

What a treat it has been to share this little community with you, if only for 10 days. I’ve loved inter-acting with your whole family, and only wish that I could stay longer and get to know you better. Thank you for your warmth, courage and hospitality in helping me feel at home here in Vilcabamba. This is what true living is about, where we can be together with open hearts when we are only just meeting each other. Finding out that we have come so close to each other in other areas of the world is so synchronistic. Blessings on your journeys and I hope that our paths will cross again someday soon.

Irene Jaan November 15, 2010 at 6:58 am

Thank you for the sweet words! How cool that you were able to score your own fairy cottage right next to ours. Our time in Vilcabamba has been too short! I do hope that we cross paths again. Hopefully before you leave we can hang out some more and get one of those decadent chocolate shakes at Vilcabamba Juice Company…yum

Irene Jaan November 15, 2010 at 7:02 am

Thank you, Rachel. Sometimes it is easier to implement magical living when you travel. Everything is new and you must be creative in adapting to new situations. I’m grateful for this opportunity to experience new cultures while noting synchronicities. Hugs.

melody February 26, 2011 at 4:25 pm

hi there, my husband and I are living in northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada at the moment (-40C) and have decided to visit Vilcabamba after reading and seeing all the info on the net. Reading this lovely blog has been a huge help and also part of my manifestation/visioning. We’ll come for a visit later this year and really appreciate all the links provided. Many thanks for sharing. One question I would ask is about bringing my 11 pound dog with me. What is the situation down there for renting with a pet…or should i leave him at home?


Melody and Dave

Irene Jaan March 2, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Hi Melody!
Thanks so much for checking out this blog. I’m glad it has been helpful in your decision to visit Vilcabamba. Vilcabamba is loaded with dogs so I can’t imagine that your small dog should be too much of an issue. Having a dog will always offer some limitations, but there is no reason that you will be able to attract the perfect situation for your needs. I don’t know the ins and outs of bringing a dog into Ecuador, but having an obedient dog will probably work out just fine as far as getting a rental. Stay warm and best of luck with your travels! Blessings!

Jerri July 1, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Ola Mamita,
I am leaving tommorow to find just this very special cottage you lived in or even better at this price or less! I´m sure it is available and awaiting my
arrival. Mucho AMOR and mucho gracias for sharing your lovely story and reaffirming what i knew in my Heart! In LeKech Jerri

barbara ensor March 7, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Hi Irene, What a lovely post. I have fallen in love with Ecuador as a place to finish my novel. Fortunately it keeps not quite being finished which has required several trip so far. The summer time seems to be a more challenging time to happen upon marvelous places and that’s when we were thinking of going. Drat. The enchanted place we usually stay near Otavalo is booked. Would it be very crass and not in the visualizing spirit to ask you if you know of how we might contact the owners of the fairy tale cottage to see if we could rent it in July/August? That way I could get back to visualizing this novel. Thanks and stay wild.


Michael Ryan April 12, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Well, okay.. I can certainly appreciate your enthusiasm and playful spirit.. but there are two things I’d like to point out:

First, when I spent 3 weeks in Vilcabamba in 1998, before dollarization of the entire Ecuadorian economy, there were just a few ex-pats and vacationing gringos. Now, it has become over-run, crowding out the locals – who may be very polite about it- but whom also surely resent the intrusion.

Second, if you are seeking a paradise away from home, why is the Internet exempt from all of the other evils you are escaping. In fact, posting such articles only draws more attention and will lead to Vilcabamba’s certain overdevelopment.

When I came back from Ecuador in 1998, I shared my great find only with people I knew, loved and trusted. You seem to forget the whole world is watching.

ANNA July 18, 2012 at 8:25 pm

Hi, I am heading to Vilcabamba soon and hoping to rent a house. This would be PERFECT for me. How do I find details of the owners?

Irene Jaan July 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Anna, (and all the other people who ask) I am sworn to secrecy…but if you go there and ask around, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it. The problem is that there are long term renters in it now…but who knows how good your manifesting abilities are! Good Luck!

Irene Jaan July 29, 2012 at 3:11 pm

Hey Michael,
Thanks for reading and sharing your viewpoint. Just doing my thing with my family and sharing my some of my experiences on the God-forsaken internet for all to see!

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