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How lovely this thought: We inspire each other. This inspiration creates a grid of creativity and potentiality across the globe...

Comments for Inspiration Comments for Inspiration

The Miracle of Changing Direction in Travel

There was a period of time some years ago when I got into this trip of chanting the mantra "Miracles Happen!". I would repeat this phrase with zeal and joy all throughout the day with an affirmative "Yes, Yes, Yes!" umph...

The Miracle of Changing Direction in Travel The Miracle of Changing Direction in Travel

The Travel Creatives in 2010 Review

Travel is a phenomenal vehicle for transformation. You don't have to travel half way around the world to reap its benefits...

The Travel Creatives in 2010 Review The Travel Creatives in 2010 Review

A Pilgrim’s Prayer on Thanksgiving (in Ecuador??)

As we celebrated an American Thanksgiving in Ecuador we met a pilgrim. Chris Howe is walking from Los Angeles to Brazil carrying the prayers of people he meets along his journey...

A Pilgrim’s Prayer on Thanksgiving (in Ecuador??) A Pilgrim's Prayer on Thanksgiving (in Ecuador??)

Beloved, Something has happened to me in the last few months.  I’ve flown galactic and I’ve trudged through the underworld.  I shapeshifted into a jaguar with an angel’s heart–an uncommon creature.  I interpret this metamorphosis as a marriage of heaven and earth deep inside my soul. It was triggered by a not-so-ordinary journey. I AM […]



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Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

by Irene Jaan on September 4, 2011

Darling, you’ve been on my mind…   …especially as I wade through my embarrassing existential crisis and try to make sense of my life. It’s humbling to notice how challenging it is to admit that sometimes difficulties can be experienced in the midst of a blessing-filled life. Picture this:  a life filled with flexibility, freedom, […]



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Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

by Irene Jaan on July 12, 2011

Hello Darling! This is a love letter to Hawaii and other muses. Bear with a note of self indulgences, would you? Fragrant plumerias around my neck, Kona sunsets, and a shiny new ukelele have nudged me to find my voice. The magical presence that blows through the palms, azure waters that fill my heart, and […]



Post image for Big Island Love Surprise

Big Island Love Surprise

by Irene Jaan on June 25, 2011

A great dream has manifested Hawaii style: 1. I have been specifically requested for my video work from afar, and 2. my travel expenses have been gifted to me. I will be waking up to this beautiful tropical garden each morning for the next 3 weeks! Not too bad, universal forces that be…



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Tartanic’s Shenanigans Caught on Film

by Irene Jaan on May 21, 2011

On St. Paddy’s Day 2011, Adrian, the ringleader of Tartanic, got the wise idea to guerilla crash/perform at various places around town and show a little Tartanic love to the world. This process consisted of half naked men without pants (ie. kilts) and sexy dancing girls, two bagpipes, and three enormous drums…



Post image for Traveling Creatively “With the Band”

Traveling Creatively “With the Band”

by Irene Jaan on April 20, 2011

Our family’s ’round the world odyssey was side swiped by a gang of men without pants and seduced by cute dancing girls…In the blink of an eye, we find ourselves part of a bona fide gypsy caravan…