Hollywood your Travels: LOST extra in Oahu perhaps?

by Irene Jaan on January 30, 2010

Friday Night Lights 300x225 Hollywood your Travels:  LOST extra in Oahu perhaps?

Justin & Irene as extras on Friday Night Lights, Austin, TX

Creative Travel Tip: If you have an interest in all things film (like I do), find out what film productions are going on wherever you travel and sign on as an extra, intern, or crew member. (Perhaps easier said than done)

Two weeks from today we’re off to Hawaii for 6 weeks of uber-creative travel which marks the official launch of The Travel Creatives blog.  Until recently, I had never seen an episode of LOST.  While I was homebound during my pregnancy last summer, I broke down and watched all 100+ episodes of LOST in a hazy binge.  This created bouts of paranoia for days (as I had a tendency to watch my back fearing “the others” or worse yet, the smoke monster was lurking in the shadows).  It was a bit haunting, but I thank you Netflix streaming & Hulu.

Thanks the New York Times article published Thursday  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/31/arts/television/31lost.html?scp=2&sq=lost&st=nyt, I discovered that filming of the final season in Oahu ends in April 2010.  How perfect!  This is just enough time for the opportunity to be an extra in LOST.  I know it’s a long shot, but stranger things have happened.  So this weekend I prepare to send in my headshots and resume.

The LOST extras casting director in Honolulu is Julie Carlson and they need a close-up photo and two full-length photos (ugh, haven’t lost the baby fat, oh well).  Mail photos and a resume to:

LOST Extras Casting, Attn. Julie Carlson

510 18th Ave.

Honolulu, HI 96816

Generally, working as an extra is no walk in the park.  Expect to stand around a lot, be herded like cattle, and feel like an absolute peon.  For all your time and anticipation you’ll probably end up on the cutting room floor or hidden entirely behind the movie star’s head (as I was in an episode of Friday Night Lights in Austin, TX).  But I rise above it all.  At least I know that I was behind his head!  Any time I watch that one episode of Friday Night Lights I will smile about my little secret.  I will also be privy to the fact that the dancing extras were grooving to utter silence to a band that mocked their own performance.  Let’s not forget that the people talking in the background were silently mouthing nonsense while flailing their arms in big gestures.  I will also confide to you that all clubgoers in the scene were drinking bottles of bogus non-alcoholic beer.  Here is a photo of me and my friend Justin on the set with our movie beer.

Friday Night Lights Bogus Beer 300x225 Hollywood your Travels:  LOST extra in Oahu perhaps?

Irene & friend Justin drinking Bogus Beer on Friday Night Lights Set

My other experience with extra work was in Angelina Jolie’s “A Mighty Heart.”  I was cast as part of the foreign press camped around Mariane Pearl’s L.A. home (which was really an Austin home whose lawn was painted bright green).  How dearly I wanted a glimpse of Ms. fellow world traveler and humanitarian movie star!  Alas, no such luck.  The actual scene that made the movie was so fleeting that I could never spot myself (even though I was well positioned and thought myself clever for wearing a big, bright green sweater and candy apple red bag).  Later I thought the green sweater might have been my undoing.  Here is a photo of me on the set:

Mighty Heart1 300x225 Hollywood your Travels:  LOST extra in Oahu perhaps?

Irene on set of "A Mighty Heart"

Tomorrow, my media partner, Jordan Paul of www.jpaulimages.com will take my current headshots for LOST.  While we’re at it I will talk my husband, John into sending his too.  And for convenience’s sake we’ll send photos of baby Sky as well.  Maybe they’ll need a quirky traveling Bohemian family walking through the airport.  Again, I reiterate, stranger things have happened.  What an interesting highlight to our Hawaii trip that would be!  After looking at the Hawaii Film Office website (http://www.hawaiifilmoffice.com) I see that the only other registered production is that Bounty Hunter Dog show.  Lame.

You never know what film productions you’ll run into during your travels unless you do your research.  I missed Apocalypto in Veracruz, Mexico by weeks and almost ran into the new Indiana Jones set (also in Mexico).  I witnessed a love scene being filmed at the Eiffel Tower, but yet have figured out what is was.  Movie sets are just the making for unique experiences while traveling.  Plus, you’ll be in the company of a whole crew of creative types.  I’d love to hear your stories about traveling and film productions!  Wish me luck!

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