HELLO BLOGOSPHERE! i feel really tiny now.

by Irene Jaan on January 21, 2010

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cc HELLO BLOGOSPHERE!  i feel really tiny now. photo credit: farfromthepicture

It has been about one month since this website & project idea materialized.  So far, I have a wordpress theme that has some merit but is far from a perfect fit.  There are about 4 pages of basic content, and I am forced to quit “doing research” and actually blog.

Up until last month (December 2009), I thought I was pretty internet savvy.  I’ve had a website for my “brick and mortar” business (a retail shop & cafe) for 10 years or so.  I buy stuff on Amazon & Ebay.  All travel is arranged online.  And if the answer to a pressing question eludes me I Google it.  I read the news that pops up on my Yahoo homepage.  THEN I FOUND THE BLOGOSPHERE!

Haha.  Who was to know?  I had hardly been on the internet!  In fact, there are tons of people hardly on the internet.  I find this encouraging.  Why?  It’s kind of like our restaurant in Corpus Christi, TX.  It is a super cool & funky, mostly vegetarian restaurant/teahouse–totally unique to the city.  It has its die hard fans, but when you ask around in the general public, very few people know about it.  Some of our customers freak out about this and tell us to spend more money advertising, or….just do something!  I just clap my hands in hopeful excitement knowing we have yet to hit our peak.  Thank God–great room to grow.

So as I look across a grand canyon or vast sea of blogosphereness, I may gulp but I will proceed.  My name is Irene.  I am here to usher in The Travel Creatives.  Nice to meet you!

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