Avoiding Haiti’s Quake & Twitter’s Divinity

by Irene Jaan on January 25, 2010

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Jessica, my friend and employee, should have been in Haiti 12 days ago, the day of the earthquake.  In fact, she would have been with the Lynn University students–many who are missing and now presumed dead.

Britney Gengel has been the face of the missing Florida students.  I just learned that her family completed their 9 day vigil in Florida after the search & rescue officially ended Saturday.  Britney was a good friend of Jessica.  Needless to say, Jessica has been distraught.  We were both in tears after discussing the story last week.  I found Britney’s Facebook page.  Her friends’ photos were that of a single candle flame. Heartbreaking.

Part of my intense emotional response was for Jessica’s personal miracle.  I firmly grabbed her shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes and told her, “YOU LISTENED TO SOMETHING INSIDE YOURSELF that led you on your path home (here in Corpus Christi, TX) instead of Haiti!  Do you realize the significance of what happened??  I know it must have been a hard decision to leave Lynn, but you were steered away from that horror!”  OK.  I’m a little dramatic at times, but I can’t stop thinking about the series of decisions that led her away from that trip.

I haven’t talked to Jessica in depth about the matter since we fly by each other at work as I play the busy boss role.  What I see is a first year college student venturing out of state on a full scholarship.  For her own good reasons, she chose to forfeit the scholarship, the prestigious school, and international humanitarian trip (that I would have done in a heartbeat), and return home for college.  That must have been an extremely difficult decision.  Whatever guided her saved her life at best.  Regardless, she’s left mourning her friends and dealing with survivor’s guilt.  But those that love her are grateful.

Why do I have to keep hearing stories like this to remind myself about trusting my instincts and having a little faith?  Perhaps it is our nature to constantly need that inspiration to keep us on the right track.

Note to self:

Ask my pressing questions, quiet my mind every day, be aware, and pay attention to the answers.

They come to me through nature, people, phone, and internet.

I just signed on to Twitter and am playing “fly on the wall” game as I figure out its divine intelligence.  Now, some of those life-saving answers come to me through Twitter.  Funny how that works.

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